Therapeutic Benefits Of CBDA – Does It Work?

For centuries, people have relied on Mother Nature to seek relief from various discomforts and medical diseases. As a result, the human race has discovered ways to treat various ailments over time. Tracing back into history, the cannabis plant is one of the most therapeutic gifts of nature. Cannabis, as a potent source of over a hundred cannabinoids, several terpenes, and flavonoids, has made its mark in the world of medicine and elevated its position quite significantly.

CBDA or Cannabidiolic acid is a substance found in cannabis plants known for its numerous potential abilities to restore normal human health and introduce changes that improve well-being in the body. In addition to being an effective substance, it is the acidic form of CBD, a widely favorite cannabinoid among cannabis consumers. Nearly everyone knows about CBD and its benefits. CBDA is basically the parent compound of CBD. CBD is a neutral derivative of CBDA.

Today, it’s continuously breaking into different areas of medical treatments and healthcare. As a result of rigorous testing and experimentation, it has gained the trust of many users. Here’s a conscious effort on our part to help you better understand the potential benefits and therapeutic effects of CBDA.

What is CBDA (Cannabidiolic Acid)?

CBDA is a cannabinoid in the cannabis plant known for its therapeutic effects that alter your body functions to regulate them. Cannabidiolic acid possesses a plethora of bioactive benefits and is the most abundantly found cannabinoid in the cannabis plant, extensively known for its pharmacological versatility. CBDA, which is the acidic form of CBD, is converted into CBD through a process called decarboxylation. As a result, CBDA loses a carbon atom and 2 oxygen atoms from a benzoic acid ring.

This process of decarboxylation typically takes place during the exposure of the cannabis plant to sunlight and heat. To put it simply, CBDA is the precursor chemical to CBD, which later becomes CBD.

Potential Benefits of CBDA:

Cannabidiolic acid, a magnificently curative substance of the cannabis plant, is being subjected to studies now. Its potential benefits and therapeutic effects seem to get overshadowed by its neutral derivative CBD. While most people know about the potential benefits of CBD, hardly any hear about CBDA, despite the fact that it is the parent compound of CBD. CBD, too, gets all of its therapeutic abilities from CBDA.

Let’s briefly discuss the potential curative abilities of CBDA that make it stand out among over a hundred different cannabinoids of the cannabis plant. Following are the four areas of healthcare that seem to be taken over by CBDA and its more known derivative CBD.

  1. Dealing With Inflammation

Inflammation is quite a common condition affecting different parts of the human body. Causing various other discomforts, inflammation can really get on your nerves sometimes. From daily care remedies to high potency medications, experts have various solutions for inflammation. Unfortunately, many of them don’t really work, and the ones that are effective come in handy with several side-effects that might make situations even adverse in the long run.

Well, that’s where CBDA comes to your help. Being a COX-2 inhibitor, it inhibits COX-2, an enzyme actively responsible for the production of prostaglandins. What are prostaglandins? Prostaglandins are pro-inflammatory compounds of your body. That’s how CBDA can help you overcome various conditions that cause inflammation or are caused by inflammation in the first place. Also, it helps quick recovery from inflammation. [2]

  1. Nausea And Vomiting

Several patients going through different medical conditions constantly feel nausea. This condition might get frustrating for the patients, making things even worse. Nausea is a common symptom in several ailments and getting rid of it can be hard in many cases. Vomiting is caused when the peristaltic movements in your esophagus are reversed and there’s a condition of reverse peristalsis.

It makes your food and fluids move upwards instead of downwards. CBDA reduces such behaviors by reducing the brain signals that induce reverse peristaltic movements. CBDA is even more effective at relieving an upset stomach when compared to CBD. Raw cannabis juice with CBDA can also help a lot. [3]

  1. Anticancer

Research suggests that CBDA possesses unbelievably strong abilities to help patients with cancer. Cancer cells tend to replicate uncontrollably and spread across the region. For example, breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in women. Clinical trials proved that CBDA could keep these cancerous cells from migrating to other parts of the body. Also, it’s observed that CBDA can help diminish the rate of replication of these cells.

It might also alter the genetic expression that controls the invasive spreading of breast cancer to prevent it from getting any worse.

  1. Psychosis

Psychotic disorders are taking over the public quite speedily. Today’s mechanical life brings people across several conditions affecting mental health. Disturbed mental health can disrupt the whole body’s function and stability. Conventional medications can cause multiple side effects that make the condition even worse.

CBDA can not only help reduce the intensity of such conditions but that too without any side effects on the overall well-being. It solves the matter right from the root instead of simply suppressing it temporarily.

How to Use CBDA for Therapeutic Benefits?

For someone looking for the best experience with CBDA, the key factor is getting just the right dosage of CBDA, and that too in a proper way. There are several ways people choose to take CBDA. One method that fits just right for one person might not be the best for others. This means it varies widely from person to person and needs to be specifically figured out.

This journey of figuring it out is a trial and error process that takes some time indeed. As soon as you hit the exact dosage and the right method, you’ll get the best out of your CBDA products. Some people choose to ingest it while others use it sublingually. Well, claiming any one of them to be the best one won’t be fair at all.

Experts suggest using it sublingually for pain and other medical discomforts as some portion of the dose gets absorbed into the bloodstream directly through the capillaries under the tongue. The rest is gulped into the stomach and then digested. You can take CBDA capsules or gummies for therapeutic benefits if you don’t want to consume it sublingually.

It’s pretty simple to figure out your perfect dosage. Just take the start with a small dose and keep on increasing it. Keep track of the effects and stick to the dose that works right for you. Overdosing is never a good idea, so stick to minimal doses especially in the beginning when you’re not even sure about the effects.

Working Mechanisms of CBDA in Your Body:

There’s no wonder why CBDA is similar to CBD in its course of action. People aware of the working mechanisms of CBD can quickly grasp that of CBDA too. Well, there are still a few points to be noticed. CBD directly binds with CB1 and CB2 receptors while CBDA works differently. It indirectly introduces alterations to the working pattern of Cannabinoid receptors. Also, it alters the way our body reacts to and interacts with the endocannabinoid system of the body.

A recent study elaborates how CBDA shows substantially strong interaction with the 5-HT1A serotonin receptors. This pathway directly controls several mechanisms of your body including nausea, memory, sleep, aggression, mood, and others [4]

Can CBDA Block COVID-19 Variants?

As the COVID-19 Variants started taking over the globe affecting millions of people, experts were seen working on their toes to figure out various aspects of its treatment. Meanwhile, as CBD and CBDA started growing and getting popular as a solution to several medical conditions, experts wondered if it could help with COVID-19 too or not.

A study revealed facts regarding the therapeutic effects of CBD in order to improve the functions of the immune system. It strengthens the immune system and helps fight COVID-19. Well, there’s more to consider when we look at CBDA for the treatment of COVID-19. A detailed study provides evidence regarding its roles in a body invaded by COVID-19 Variants.

The study enlightens how CBDA can prevent the virus from entering the healthy cells of the body. Also, when you study the level of bioavailability of CBDA, it’s more than that of CBD. The patients can use it to strengthen the immune system that gets affected during the COVID-19 invasion. Also, it introduces various therapeutic benefits to the body that make the overall condition far better.

Final Thoughts:

At the end of this write-up, you might be able to understand that CBDA, a known cannabinoid of the cannabis plant is used to derive CBD through a process called decarboxylation. Its plethora of benefits is generally obscured by that of CBD most of the time. CBD is its neutral derivative of CBDA that is more commonly used by the public.

CBDA shows multitudinous benefits in regards to general well-being. Also, it may be used to manage conditions as complicated as breast cancer at times. It makes the conditions less painful and easier to be treated. Ongoing research proves why CBDA deserves attention just like CBD.



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