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Cannabis Used as Treatment for Alzheimer’s

Ever since the emergence of a new field of research that focuses on the uses of this plant in a positive manner, using them to treat conditions, there have been many advancements in this particular field of medicine.

With the main symptoms of conditions like Alzheimer’s coming to a decline, researchers have now taken a different approach to this, exploring the idea of cannabis as a medicinal plant to alleviate the symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Let us discuss the concept behind cannabinoids in a bit more detail and how it is becoming a possibility to treat Alzheimer’s through the use and consumption of cannabis.

What are Cannabinoids?

When harvesting the plant, not only is cannabis produced but there are also other substances that are within the plant as well. These are in the form of many different compounds, and those compounds are what are known as cannabinoids.

There are more than a hundred different varieties of these compounds out there, and the main function that cannabinoids provide is that they elicit particular responses and reactions within the body.

Moreover, all of these distinctive compounds present within the cannabis plant are studied and researched in order to determine the reactions that they induce within the human body.

Essentially, how it works is that there are various different receptors that are present within your body, and they use cannabinoids in order to operate smoothly throughout the different systems, such as the central nervous system.

Can CBD Help with Alzheimer’s?

There have been many studies that have reported a wide variety of changes that have been prevalent, mainly in the endocannabinoid section of the brain among humans suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Furthermore, these studies also show development when it comes to the development cycle of Alzheimer’s as well, showing positive results in the neurological department as well.

The studies showed a change in all of the participants that were tested; they displayed signs of reduced inflammation, which led to the development of newer brain cells as the old ones died.

There have also been signs that indicate that cannabis is highly beneficial for the treatment of Alzheimer’s because consumption of CBD and cannabis can result in an increase in cell life.

In addition to that, there have also been studies that indicate that the consumption of cannabis is capable of encouraging growth within the hippocampus. This is a positive benefit because this is the brain’s area responsible for memory.


this was just a condensed guide that acted as an update on the research, and the potential cannabis can have when treating a condition like Alzheimer’s.

Although we are still a long way from creating a permanent cure for this condition, the previously highlighted research is proof that researchers are heading in the right direction.

Furthermore, there have also been many positive signs when going through trials, and there have been numerous tests concerning cannabis and Alzheimer’s that have been proven to be successful.

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