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1. Book and Pay Your Visit Fee

Get your card from home, it’s easy! Select a date and time, pay your visit fee and you’re ready to see a cannabis-friendly Physician.

2. Meet with Your Doctor and Get Certified

Get certified – This is the electronic document needed to get your card in Illinois. This will be completed during your visit.

3. Register with IDPH and get your MMJ card in minutes

Get your card about 20 minutes after you complete the registration with the state and you’re ready to shop at your local dispensary.

Join the community of people who trust Medical Cannabis Doctors with their medical marijuana certification. Get your card, or your money back.

Why Choose Medical Cannabis Doctors?

No hidden fees

Never get charged for evaluations or state-mandated follow-up visits at Medical Cannabis Doctors in Villa Park. Your initial payment covers you for the three-year duration of your Illinois marijuana card and gives you access to our platform so your doctor can connect with you anytime. You get certified, or you pay nothing. That’s the Medical Cannabis Doctors’ satisfaction promise. Get Your Illinois Medical Marijuana Card Today.

99% Approval rating

80% of Illinoisans with conditions did not know they qualified for medical cannabis. Medical Cannabis Doctors of Villa Park Illinois have Illinois’ highest approval rating for qualifying patients, minors, and veterans and the most knowledge on the MCPP. Trusted, caring, educated, and compassionate cannabis doctors are whom you’ll find here at MCD. We understand you’re looking for simplicity and comfort when applying for your Illinois Marijuana Card and during your consultation. Get Your Illinois Medical Marijuana Card Today.

Mission-driven cannabis advocates

Since 2017 our goal at Medical Cannabis Doctors has been to make you a medical cannabis patient, eliminate the high cost of cannabis-related appointments, and provide cannabis education & patient/physician resources to the citizens of Illinois. We have your back from start to finish. Our state-of-the-art cannabis process simplifies the search for a cannabis-friendly doctor. Get Your Illinois Medical Marijuana Card Today.
“We are patients helping patients”.

Don’t take it from us, read the reviews

Received exceptional service from Lia. Lia runs the show. Lia is very organized, professional and knowledgeable. Please Lia again for me.

Renee W. was absolutely amazing to me throughout this process! She went above and beyond to help me out, and even took her own time to assist in answering all my questions. Grade A employee!

See Eric if possible. The customer service here is amazing! Please only go here for your card and you won’t be disappointed.

I had an amazing experience at MCD -- not only was everything quick and efficient on the doctors end but also with the state! It was as easy as 1-2-3 like they say! Other routes I was going to try ended up in disgust.. finding aout about hidden yearly fees and the fact NO ONE is covering follow up visits in they're fee... Which come to find out docs are getting audited all over bc of that reason and patients are at risk of losing they're card!! I had full 1 on 1 help with the application with state! Appointment was at 430 on a Saturday and I had my provisional card by 8pm.. in time for the dispo!

Awesome staff great service! Doctor and receptionist were very helpful with everything including the application process . Highly recommend this doctor

This place is awesome thank you Lea,I highly recommend this place great people

Lea and Dr. Otto were the best. Lea so helpful in getting thru the gauntlet. My husband and I really appreciated your assistance. I would recommend your clinics to my friends in an instant! Thank again.

Man when I say they have great service, THEY HAVE GREAT SERVICE! Once I went through with the appointment process and went to the state application process, I got lost somewhere in between because I wasn’t reading everything properly. I called MCD and the woman I spoke with helped me with no problem. I got stuck again so I had to call a second time and spoke with the same woman. She remembered I had just called but was super patient and helpful, she actually wanted to stay on and make sure I did the whole process right! Not one time did I feel like she was getting agitated or rushed me. True example of patience and understanding in my eyes! 10/10 for me.

Thanks for the smooth process and great service. Awesome people

Had what I needed and Veteran Discount to boot!

I'm I Texas and filled out that information yet this site is for Illinois. Shouldn't o be speaking to someone in Texas or is this Dr. appt for all states?

Very professional and fast there clones are the best ! . Highly suggest getting your medical card here .

received my medical card here and the process was very smooth and convenient. i got an appointment right away and they walked me through everything i needed to do! strongly recommend this office for anyone looking to get their medical cannabis card.

Awesome place nice staff

Saw Dr. Otto very professional amazing experience. The process was easy, also appointment on time. Application with the state takes about 10min to complete after seeing the doctor.

Convenient virtual telemedicine appointments available. The staff is very helpful- they make the state application process easy to follow.

A beautiful worthwhile experience! From my initial chat With Taylor to the appointment with DR. Otto i was informed and impressed! Taylor was extremely informative on how the process works and made my experience absolutely perfect from start to finish! All questions were answered and emails for the appointment and log in time were sent before i even hung up! A+++ professionalism from this company!

This place is the best cannabis clinic in Illinois. The cheapest in Illinois and no follow up fees after you see the doctor. Thank you for helping me and my wife get certified. We got the provisional card after a couple hrs of getting certified and we were shopping the same day.

I called every cannabis clinic in Illinois and every where else cost more as I would of had to pay follow up fee's and/or diagnosis and evaluations fee's. Medical Cannabis Doctors was only 1 fee and I'm covered with my physician for 3 years. HA. I didn't even have to leave my house. I connected right on my phone and was finished in 30 minutes. My paper copy card came the next morning. They are by far the best cannabis clinic in Illinois.

Had a very good experience with them! Everything from when I called to ask a question to the ease of setting up an appointment to following up, they seemed really on top of it and aligned with what they're doing in helping people. They truly care about their patients. I loved it. If you need help with seeking a medical card, I highly recommend going through this clinic!

Beautiful clones for med patients!

Thank you all for all. I highly recommend!! 10/10. Dr Pilch took the time to listen to my conditions, make notes of them, diagnose me, and eased my mind. She was very compassionate and caring. I really appreciate that. I went into the appointment so nervous and anxiety ridden. She eased my concerns within two minutes. I honestly felt comfortable. I'm happy with the whole process in general. I feel comfortable coming back to them for future certifications and diagnoses. Shout out to Lia also for sending me my documentation. I honestly cant remember the name of the advocate who helped me with my application. I thank her also. She guided me step by step through the online portal and was very patient with me. Thank you, thank you, thank you, everyone. I will be sure to recommend you all if I come across anyone in need of your services. Keep being who you all are!! I hope my 5 stars can help.

Highly recommend MCD! Had some technical difficulties with the virtual visit, but I still felt that I was listened to and assured throughout the process. Great experience and will refer anyone looking for natural options!

Got my card really quick, no hassles and they guided me thru the application. I definitely recommend using them.

What a place. Love the atmosphere and the professionalism of the entire team as a whole. My experience was just under an hour and and I had everything taken care of including, the doctors appointment which got me certified, then doing the photo and application as well as picking my dispensary. This place screams awesomeness. I cant thank you enough for all your help, I had my provisional license in less then 24 hours. I know recreational marijuana is a thing in Illinois now. But I still felt the need to get my medical license. I dont want any trouble at all when it comes to anything for that matter. Just so glad great places like this exists. For example there was a young lady with her mom who walked in to get certified (her daughter/maybe 15 or 16 years old) and the company came to her and thanked her for bringing her daughter in because medical cannabis has more healing properties then just conventional prescriptions, they waived the clinic fee for her and to me that just shows the kind of place that it is. Compassionate at its core.

Eric and Lia and staff are amazing. They will go out of there way for you and help you out with anything.

Very pleased


Medical cannabis doctors is hands down the best place in Illinois to get a medical cannabis card. A streamlined process that is fast, secure and affordable.

eric arndt July 19, 2018

Amazing experience . I was nervous going in but was instantly put at ease with Dr Avalos and his staff .

marielena vela May 22, 2019

If I could, I would give 10 stars ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Eric & Lia have done an outstanding job creating this company. With hard work, determination and compassion they lead all others above and beyond!! I wish you all the success !!

Cindy Arndt July 29, 2019

I loved everything about my visit, this place is great

Bret Jarc August 1, 2019

Everyone was so helpful, knowledgeable. Went above and beyond to help me with all my questions. Amazing place to visit. Thank you all for being so caring.

Crissy Stack August 1, 2019

Great service and very helpful staff! Very knowledgeable and quick appointment time.

Konrad Kubica August 1, 2019

Great place. 5 stars

Having Kittens August 1, 2019

🇺🇸Thank you MEDICAL CANNABIS DOCTORS CORPORATION for your compassionate care and true advocacy. 💚No. 1 OFFICE IN CHICAGOLAND 💚

Monique Love August 1, 2019

Wow, what an unbelievable experience from start to finish. I would definitely recommend to anyone. Nice to see people who enjoy what they do. 5 stars

Louis Passi August 1, 2019

I’m proud to have chosen Medical Cannabis Doctors. You will be, too. The staff, he doctor , the experience entirely was blissful.

HOOKED handmade August 1, 2019

Great experience, super friendly and super fast and very satisfied

darius knight August 1, 2019

The staff were knowledgeable and friendly. I was satisfied with the entire process. The doctor is compassionate and genuinely cares about your well being and is willing to help you. I was able to purchase medical marijuana the next day at my local dispensary. So glad I made the appointment. I was unsure of my eligibility because the list of ailments is long and confusing. I was assured if they could not help me get the card I would not be charged a dime. Make the appointment...

Jack Mackey August 2, 2019

Very helpful and knowledgeable staff

D August 2, 2019

Amazing place and very kind workers!

thebest messi August 2, 2019

Amazing experience at this faciliity! Very friendly staff! I would definitely recommend coming here

Da Goodiez August 2, 2019

Excellent service. Everyone is very helpful and nice. Would definitely recommend

Jennifer Hartwig August 2, 2019

You CAN afford your medical cannabis license! FACT: Medical Cannabis Doctors is the most affordable clinic out there. Thanks MCD!!!”

Miriam Rodriguez August 2, 2019

Great service, super fast and easy

Bradley Catalano August 2, 2019

Easy peasy process. Cindy explained the process throughly. Worth the cost.

Toya Mitchell August 2, 2019

The staff was great & friendly , good atmosphere , the doctors were knowledgeable ; & the whole process was really quick ! Would definitely recommend to friends & family

Christian Diaz August 3, 2019

They were very nice. Quick and thorough service. Wonderful!

Giovanni Rizzo August 4, 2019

The Dr & staff members were awesome! I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into but It was a great experience. Thank you!! 😊

lynn bukowski August 4, 2019

This place is OUTSTANDING!!! The clinic is very clean and organized and no nonsense. Everyone was so professional, knowledgeable as well as helpful and extremely nice. From the front desk to the private doctor visit to the folks that process you they all made us feel like friends. They go out of they're way to make the process easy and make you feel comfortable. Their prices are very competitive and the doctor spends time with you answering any questions you have putting you at ease. They know what they're doing and walk you through the entire process. They make you feel comfortable and treat you like you're part of the family. I highly recommend going to MCD. They deserve the 5-star rating because they give you 5-star service.

Lori Carbray August 5, 2019

Ohhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyy goddddddddd

Pineapple Yum August 7, 2019

Professional and helpful staff.

Manar Albaroudi August 8, 2019

This place has made my life 100% better. Amazing people, great service, and knowlknowlageable doctors to answers any and all questions about Cannabis, the Medical Cannabis patient program and they help you through the entire process from beginning to end. I would recommend anyone seeking help with any health problems, stress, or just curious about marijuana to come in and meet the lovely staff and ask questions. I recommend this be your first stop before going elsewhere because its the whole package.

Jake Davies August 9, 2019

This was an amazing place, everyone was so helpful.

Roxanna Jimenez August 17, 2019

I highly recommend MCD. The Doctor & Staff are amazing! I am grateful for all their help.


Lia is an amazing representative for medical cannabis doctors. The service was excellent, and they really make sure your all set to enjoy medicinal marijuana👍👍👍

Jennifer Kennedy August 29, 2019

This place was absolutely amazing. Staff was extremely nice and helpful. They helped me through the process step by step! I drove 1 hour to check the place out and it was well worth drive! I was approved and had my card same day!

Srhking August 30, 2019

All the staff treated me like an old friend. They are very knowledgeable and know exactly what needs to be completed for the application process. They even did the computer work for me. I also noticed everyone who dealt with me double checked everything before submitting the paperwork.

Mike Hanrahan August 30, 2019

Edit: We did call when we pulled up to the correct location at 420 w stone. Came back next day and was treated very well. The entire staff is wonderful I will be recommending these guys to everyone I know. Thanks guys!

GRJohnny September 17, 2019

Edit: We did call when we pulled up to the correct location at 420 w stone. Came back next day and was treated very well. The entire staff is wonderful I will be recommending these guys to everyone I know. Thanks guys!

Gazoopra September 18, 2019

This is a great place. The people are so nice and helpful. Your in an out very quick. You get your card in like 12 hours and you are ready to medicate. Best decision I made this year.

Eric September 22, 2019

This is a great place. The people are so nice and helpful. Your in an out very quick. You get your card in like 12 hours and you are ready to medicate. Best decision I made this year.

Eric Lankford September 22, 2019

If you need an Illinois Medical Marijuana Card, this is the place for you. At every step of the process I was greeted with a smile, from the receptionist, to the doctor, and finally the advisory staff. All were kind and their focus was on getting me the help I needed. Thank you MCD!

Geno September 25, 2019

They were so helpful in getting everything done correctly and as fast as they could. I would recommend this to my own mother. Lia, Sam and Cindy were amazing and very knowledgeable.

Amy Franklin September 27, 2019

Very informative and extremely helpful. Any questions we had were answered and any concerns about the medication were explained. Highly recommend!


Made an appointment and was attended to right away. The receptionists (they’re both super cute, oh my goodness) were helpful with everything and made the process easy. Thank you to the whole team for being so informative and understanding; you all were great!

kei aguilar October 2, 2019

It was a great experience! They help you with every step and they’re all super nice! Shout out to Sam and I didn’t get the blonde lady’s name and of course The doctor! Would def recommend people to here! Awesome awesome place!

Kevin Sanchez October 26, 2019

Posting under my wife’s email!! First off excellent service for veterans suffering from ptsd and chronic pain. I’m still waiting for my provisional card(came on Friday before noon and was told I can purchase my medication in 12 hours) nothing is showing online so fingers crossed for Monday. The customer service here is by far the best when it comes to all the questions I had. Also they covered the cost of my doctor fee for disabled vets!!! Highly recommend just for the customer service. I can’t review when it comes to the time frame of your card as I’m still waiting.

kylie thompson November 2, 2019

Cindy was absolutely AMAZING she was attentive caring knowledgeable and helped me every step of the way! I forgot his name but he helped process all of my paper work answered any questions I had and was caring in his answer as well! Great staff great place Thank you so much for taking the time to help me!

Joseph Grillo November 3, 2019

Very professional, friendly, and helpful staff! Overall the experience was very good and I will definitely send some referrals. If you are a military veteran, definitely give them a call to schedule an appointment!

Bradley Cord November 6, 2019

Whole experience was amazing and everyone was very helpful. Shout out to Cindy and the Doctor for taking the time to explain everything.

Lindsey Tunk November 7, 2019

Simple, easy and extremely helpful. Highly recommend.

mathew freistadt November 11, 2019

I will recommend this place to anyone that asks. They are so helpful and can answer anything you need to know about the process. They even do walk-ins. It dose take a little time but worth every minute. You will be able to start shopping with in 24 after your appointment. Just make sure to call if you have questions. What you need to have with you and so on to get things going!!! 5 star all the way. Great job guys and thank you!!!!

Shantelle Johnson November 15, 2019

Great helpful very nice and professional made me feel very comfortable with the whole process Cindy was so nice and helpful and doctor made me feel very comfortable 5 stars all the way and will recommend to anyone that needs help and questions to deal with medical cannabis and the benefits thanks for all the help. Also the ladies at the front desk and the lady who helped me with application

Josh Mitchell November 15, 2019

Very friendly, efficient, professional people. A welcoming and helpful experience.

G M November 18, 2019

It's a awesome place very helpful people and also very kind and generous thank you Medical Cannabis Doctors 😁😎😁😎😁😎😁

Francisco Linares December 1, 2019

Great staff, very helpful and insightful. I can count on them whenever I have any questions about my medical card.

Jorge Linares December 6, 2019

“Save BIG with a Medical Marijuana Card”

Get approved and get a card the same day

Getting your medical marijuana card is simple. Check out our video to learn more about our process. Book your appointment when you’re ready. Have questions?

Why pay extra at the dispensary if you qualify for a medical marijuana card? find out if you qualify

What did you pay in taxes at your last two visits to a rec dispensary? We bet it was close to the total cost of getting a one-year medical cannabis card. Cardholders save big, pay no high tax, never stand in lines and they can grow their cannabis.

What our patients say about us

Google, Yelp, WeedMaps, Leafly, and more. Read real reviews from real people. We stand behind our mission 100%, we are, patients helping patients.

Medical Cannabis Doctors vs Other Clinics



Women-Led, Patient Operated

Operated By For-Profit Physicians

Located Right Here In Illinois Since 2017

Located Out Of State: AR, AZ, FL, OH, CA, MO, WA

One-Time $200 Clinic Fee

Charges Patients High Evaluation Fees

Recertify Every 3 Years For $150

Charge Patients $250 For 1 YEAR Certification

No Follow Up Visit Fees

Follow Up Visit is $125 or No Visit At All

Minors Under 16 Are Always Free

Charge Minors $399 & Veterans Full Yearly Prices

Book An Immediate Appointment

Call You Back Later to Book & Send Tons of Annoying Texts

Assist You With State Registration Cost Free

Provide NO Assistance Registering With The State

Over 45,000 Certifications Issued

Are Clueless When it Comes to Illinois Cannabis Program

Physical Location With Cannabis Doctors On-Site

Claim To Have Multiple Offices You Can’t Go To

Trusted Legally Compliant Physicians

Never follow up with you (out of compliance)

Assist You With Court & DMV Verification Forms

Make You Chase Your Refund Out of State

Veterans Get Up To 30% Off

Post Reviews On Their Site You Can’t Click On

Never Pay Evaluation Fees

Do Your Research & Always Read The Reviews

100% Risk-Free, Get Your Card or Your Money Back

No Physical Location, Operate Online Only

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get a refund if I don’t get my medical card?

Medical Cannabis Doctors has a satisfaction guarantee policy. 100% risk free. You get your card or your money back. Refunds take 2-5 days to post to your account. Keep in mind, MCD has a 99% approval rating.

What if I don’t see my condition listed?

Leave the medical stuff up to the Physicians. Tons of patients suffer from underlying conditions that qualify you for a medical cannabis card. Remember, if you are not certified you get your money back.

Why should I get a medical card if I can purchase recreational cannabis?

There is many benefits to having a medical cannabis card. Patients not only can grow their own medicine, they also pay no high state tax at checkout and have a wider variety of products to choose from. Shortages happen and when they do, patients are priority.

Can I switch my medical dispensary?

Patients no longer have to register at one dispensary. You can use all 55 medical dispensaries in Illinois.

I paid MCD $200. Why do I have to pay the state too?

The fee you pay at the time of booking covers your clinic visit with MCD. That fee is NOT for the state of Illinois card fee. Patients must pay the IDPH yearly fee as listed on the state website.

What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine allows you to see a Physician from the comfort of your own home. Our HIPAA compliant telemed platform is easy to use and is provided by Doxy telemedicine. Simply click the text message link and sign into our virtual waiting room.

Does MCD sell cannabis products?

NO. We are not a dispensary and do NOT sell any cannabis derived products.

Is MCD affiliated with any other clinics?

MCD is not affiliated with ANY other cannabis clinics or dispensaries. We are NOT affiliated with Illinois Department of Public Health.

If I’m simply trying to get a cannabis card, which appointment should I book?

New Patient Telemed or In-Person Visit for $199

I’m locked out of my ICTS.Illinois.Gov account

You must reset your password or call IDPH at 855-636-3688

Do I pay a fee for an evaluation or follow up visit?

No! Your initial fee of $200 gives you full access to our facility to visit with your certifying Physician any time you’d like for 3 years.

Will my certifying Physician sign my court or DMV forms?

Yes. In most circumstances your Physician will assist you with these forms.

What happens after my initial doctor appointment?

After your appointment with one of our medical cannabis doctors an advocate will assist you with the completion of your registration. This service is complimentary and optional. You may also complete this at home on your own.

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