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What is the Best Way to Store Cannabis?

In the parallel universe with the perfect world, cannabis products would never go bad. Whether you’re an occasional consumer or a seasoned grower, you probably like buying large quantities of cannabis whenever you want and storing large varieties for long periods. The reality is somewhat different, and cannabis needs to be stored well according to the golden storage rules.

Not taking a reasonable amount of care of cannabis will make it lose its potency and make it less effective. Storing cannabis the right way is surely an art that requires getting well-acquainted with the best way to store cannabis.

Getting a cannabis card and educating yourself about professional cannabis storage methods can make things relatively easier on your part. You can easily buy and store larger qualities and varieties of cannabis for long periods. Stick around to learn more.

Why Is It Important To Store Your Cannabis Products Properly?

Not storing cannabis right will expose it to environmental elements like ultraviolet radiation, air, and heat that can degrade the potency of cannabis and lead to adverse effects.

  • Unfavorable changes in the environment lead to impacts on Cannabinoids. Heat can lead to chemical changes in the structure and state of these cannabinoids. Cannabinoids like THC and CBD are not bioavailable unless they are converted into an active form from a raw acidic state.
  • If you don’t store your cannabis correctly, THC will likely convert into CBN. Many cannabis consumers might not be looking for the CBN’s sedating effects.

How To Store Cannabis?

The golden formula to storing cannabis right is to store it in a dry, cool, and dark place. Also, you must pay attention to the extent of humidity, temperature, and light to which the products are exposed. The following factors can directly affect cannabis:

1. Maintain Proper Temperature:

The best way to store cannabis is to maintain the optimum temperature for it. It’s critical to store your buds at optimal temperature because of the hypersensitivity of Cannabinoids and terpenes towards temperature that makes them vulnerable.

If the temperature exceeds the prescribed range, the terpenes in your buds are likely to diminish. Also, cannabis buds will dry out. Similarly, low temperature can ultimately lead to the degradation of the cannabinoid content and terpene profiles of cannabis. The optimum temperature range for storing cannabis lies between 55 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Keep In A Dark Place

As much as sunlight is critically required for the proper development during the growth stages of the cannabis plant, it can become dangerous after harvesting. This is because of the presence of UV radiations of sunlight which can have detrimental effects on the buds by degrading them.

If you want this valuable terpene profile to degrade, you must ensure storing these buds away from direct sunlight. Using opaque containers is a good idea for this purpose. Also, try keeping them in dark places, such as a cabinet where the sunlight cannot reach.

3. Reduce Air Exposure

Air exposure isn’t always good for the buds. You might be shocked to know that oxygen can have unfavorable effects on cannabis. Oxygen tends to accelerate the process of degradation of terpenes and cannabinoids. Not only that, but the buds may also dry out due to air exposure.

Sometimes prolonged exposure to air can slow down the conversion of THCA into THC. All these points highlight the importance of reducing air exposure. You can pick airtight containers for this purpose.

4. Control the Humidity Levels

High humidity levels can promote mold and mildew breeding, whereas low humidity levels can lead to drying up of the buds. The optimum Humidity level lies between 54 to 64%. You can get a humidity pack and place it inside the storage container to ensure proper humidity level.

Glass or Plastic: What’s better for Cannabis Storage?

If you’re confused between plastic and glass containers for the storage of cannabis products, here’s all that you need to know:

  • It might be an appropriate idea to store your cannabis products in plastic containers for the short term. However, storing cannabis in plastic for long periods is not a good idea, as plastic can impact the taste and aroma of cannabis.
  • This reason for this change in aroma and taste is explained as the static charges that can pull trichomes and ultimately impact the potency.
  • Considering these facts, we can clearly say that glass containers are always better than plastic containers.

Best Way To Store Different Cannabis Products:

Cannabis products vary widely in regard to different factors, implying that the storage methods may also vary for them. Here’s a complete guide to storing different cannabis products the right way:

1. Cannabis Flower

Most times, cannabis flower is stored in a bag. Some people even go for a cheap sandwich bag for this purpose. This is the wrong way. A Ziploc bag sounds like a better option, as it keeps your cannabis flowers fresh for up to 12 months, which is a long time. However, you should always consider the fact that it might lose its potency as the static charges of plastic might make the trichomes stick to it.

Thus, UV protective glass stands out among all the materials.

2. Edibles:

Edibles vary widely, and so do the storage methods used for them. You can find out the best way to store cannabis products by reading out the instructions on the pack properly.

  • Some edibles do fine at room temperature and do not require refrigerating or freezing.
  • Edibles like cookies and brownies can be frozen, after which they are ready to stay fresh for the next three months straight.
  • If you want to store infused butter or oil for longer, just freeze it, and it won’t go bad for the next six months.

3. Concentrate

Concentrates offer a great range of distinct textures due to different extraction methods. Concentrates generally offer great potencies and strong experience, which is crucial to storing the products effectively. If you fail to do so, it may have detrimental effects on concentrates potency.

Pick a thick glass jar for storing cannabis concentrates the right way. An airtight silicone container is an excellent idea for storing cannabis as well.

4. Vape cartridges

In order to preserve the qualities of vape cartridges, make sure to store them in a dark and cool place. Also, never place them horizontally when you’re not using them; otherwise, they might leak. Storing for a long time can lead to fluctuation in the oil viscosity. This issue can be resolved by simply warming the bottle between your palms.

5. Tinctures:

Tinctures are widely known for their long shelf life. They generally last two to three years which is longer than the shelf life of most other cannabis products. Alcohol-based extraction contributes to the long shelf life. All you need to do is ensure storing the tincture in an ultraviolet-protected bottle. Also, store it in a cool place.

6. Topicals

Topical products last about one to two years as the ingredients are generally shelf-stable. The containers are protected. Just make sure to keep it in a cool and dark place.

How To Tell If Cannabis Has Gone Bad?

People have different views on signs of cannabis that show that it has gone bad. Some people pay more attention than others. Generally, when mold or mildew is found on the stash, it is said to be spoiled. However, there’s sometimes no mold, but the cannabinoids and terpenes have been degraded due to environmental factors and lack of adequate measures.

You can’t tell by seeing the stash whether all the terpenes and cannabinoids are retained or not. However, seeing that the buds have dried up or look dusty shows that cannabis has gone bad.

What Are The Best Containers For Cannabis Storage?

In terms of shelf-life, the material you choose to store cannabis is one of the most important factors. Some materials are only suitable for temporary storage purposes, while others can store cannabis safely, even long-term. Here’s an insight into the best kind of containers for the storage of cannabis.

  • Glass Jars: Glass jars are good for long-term storage if kept away from sunlight. The metal lid can provide airtight storage of cannabis.
  • Ziploc plastic bags: Plastic bags are only considered a suitable temporary storage container. However, if you store cannabis in them for a long period, it might lose its potency.
  • Humidor: if you can invest some bucks on a humidor, you never have to worry about maintaining optimum humidity again.
  • Titanium Jars: you can only consider metal jars for short-term storage.

Final Thoughts:

If you consider following the tips above and master the best way to store cannabis, you can make the buds last longer than expected. Storing cannabis right isn’t rocket science; all it takes is attention and a reasonable amount of care.

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