Medical marijuana and Telehealth: How Has Telehealth Changed Access to Medical Cannabis

In these times of deadly pandemic, where we are all facing a new normal and trying to make adjustments for our health and safety, telehealth feels like a blessing. With COVID-19 being a massive crisis amongst the global population, the significance of telehealth now and moving into the future is paramount. 

Moreover, the good news is with the legalization of medical cannabis in various states in the U.S., including Illinois, telehealth services have extended the boundaries of a physician’s medical practice for providing adequate healthcare. It has bridged the gap between doctors who are available to prescribe cannabis and patients seeking medical cannabis therapy.

What is Telehealth? How Does Telehealth Work?

Telehealth is arising as a popular healthcare option for a sound reason. In simple words, telehealth uses both digital technology and telecommunication- it can be defined as the delivery of services concerning health education, healthcare, and information related to health. All this is delivered effortlessly with the help of technology. With the advent of digitalization, telehealth and advertising on telehealth platforms have become quite the rage as more and more healthcare professionals and health service providers like cannabis doctors use it. 

While viewed by many people as a Band-Aid during a crisis, telehealth has instead emerged to be a more cost-effective and suitable way to access medical help. Time savings is another revolutionary benefit- those who used to wait months for an appointment in-office may now get the answers they need in a much shorter time frame.

Telehealth also made it easier to get an Illinois cannabis card.

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Rise of Telehealth and the Medical Cannabis Industry

Over time, the medical marijuana industry is achieving momentum, and the improvement is due mainly to telehealth platforms and other health digitization efforts. 

Here’s how telehealth has changed access to medical cannabis?

Online Medical Cannabis Consultations Increase the Ease of Access

In various states in the U.S. where marijuana has been legalized for medical reasons, you will need to obtain approval from cannabis doctors as the initial step. If you succeed in that phase, it allows you to hold a medical marijuana card that enables accessing the drug. 

Moreover, according to a recent report, people use telehealth services up to 175 times more than before the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s calculated that the telehealth market could grow from $3 billion to $250 billion if providers extend the list of available telehealth services beyond urgent care. The statistics are more than promising.

Removing Barriers to Healthcare through Telehealth

Most people prefer telehealth services, including medical cannabis patients, because of their ability to provide healthcare information and assistance from a distance. Furthermore, it fills a gap for patients whose social or cultural environments make it challenging to find suitable and accessible healthcare.

It is, however, noteworthy to mention that in the medical cannabis industry, telehealth is sufficiently used to deliver rural and remote patients with timely and cost-effective access to specialist care. The telehealth services also help manage the issue of healthcare access to patients who are constantly immunocompromised or are physically not fit to attend medical facilities more often. 

Additionally, as mentioned above, telehealth saves time for both medical professionals who are overburdened and under-resourced and patients who would otherwise withhold visiting their doctor due to time limitations and travel requirements.

 How Has Telehealth Changed the Concept of Cannabis Recommendations?

Interestingly enough, the digital technology once limited to more comprehensive healthcare functions has joined the mainstream medical cannabis industry.

This technology’s ultimate benefit for some people is exploring medical cannabis treatment for their respective medical conditions. On the other hand, for some people, it circumvents any critiques and criticism from their primary healthcare provider.

Other than that, let’s discuss some more benefits of telehealth and how it impacts the medical cannabis industry. 

Ease of Access

You may not find many clinics and healthcare facilities in every city in the United States. Not being accessible to hospitals is a real ordeal for patients who can’t travel long due to physical ailments or time constraints. Luckily, now you have the option of telehealth, which allows you to get a medical marijuana recommendation even if you don’t reside in an urban city. Not only this, you can bypass traveling long distances and instead go online to see a cannabis specialist.

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It Saves Your Hard-Earned Money.

With more occasional hospital visits, telehealth has tremendously lowered healthcare costs for millions of patients across the United States. You have to travel long distances meaning no fuel charges. Additionally, patients are exempt from paying several taxes when purchasing cannabis medicine with a medical evaluation.

Telehealth Speeds up the Development of the Cannabis Industry.

The comfort and amenity of obtaining have allowed patients to rely on telehealth. You can book your consultation with the doctor in just a few clicks. Even thinking about it calms your soul. Moreover, it makes communication much faster and easier, allowing patients to ask queries without hesitation and review symptoms they would not otherwise consider worthy of an office visit. Chances of any self-medication issues are immensely reduced as patients can discuss strains and doses directly with their doctors.

Telehealth services have also increased awareness about the possible medicinal uses

of medical cannabis. Patients with chronic diseases symptoms now have good access to manage their conditions without any side effects.

These benefits of telehealth boost the growth and enable the medical cannabis industry to multiply much faster.

Medical Marijuana and Telehealth; Final Thoughts.

Telehealth technology is undoubtedly a revolutionary step toward developing the medical cannabis industry. Book the telehealth consultation that will match you with compassionate cannabis doctors who will certify your condition for an Illinois cannabis card, provide cannabis education and be a personal cannabis advocate. Once consulted with one of our cannabis doctors, your care plan will maintain your relationship with your physician and guide you on your journey into the medical cannabis world. Never pay an evaluation or follow-up fee with Medical Cannabis Doctors.

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