Growing Autoflower Cannabis at Home

Growing Cannabis has been practiced throughout the ages as its healing properties have been known for quite some time. Its cultivation is dated back to ancient China, where it was used as medicine. It is widely used for medicinal properties and is available in dispensaries. Self-cultivation of marijuana is also possible. While some states have still totally prohibited the consumption of Cannabis, some even allow the registered medical users to grow Cannabis on their own under strict regulations.

We will encourage you to cultivate the Cannabis yourself, proving that the sale cost of Cannabis is extremely high than the cost of self-cultivation.

Growing Autoflower Cannabis Plants at Home:

Growing Cannabis at home saves a lot of effort and money, as are you not required to shop at the dispensaries. You save a lot of money while the cannabis flowers regularly grow at fixed intervals with natural sunlight or artificial light through lamps (if indoors) with a little bit of care and basic know-how of the product. However, it is not only about the money. There are a lot of advantages of growing seeds at home that the world needs to recognize. However, it is inevitable to state that although the self-cultivation of autoflowers is necessary, it requires a great deal of attention.

Contrary to the myths, growing Cannabis is not such an easy deal. People think it is easy to talk Cannabis seeds and just grow them into their lawn while there are certain tricks involved in it. First of all, It is important to know and select a seed that will serve your needs the best.

One of the types of cannabis plants is auto growing or auto-flowering plants, and that’s the focus of this article. Auto growing Cannabis is the smallest species among cannabis plants. It is also known as ruderals or auto cannabis.

Auto-flowering plants made the cultivation of Cannabis at a home level a lot easier. These plants flower almost under every light, be it the natural light outdoors or under the lamp indoors, and they also do not require a specific cycle of sunlight. They can even produce flowers under 24 hours of sunlight. With a little bit of care, the flowers within 80-90 days instead of almost half a year, followed by other cannabis plants. These are strongly opted all around the world nowadays because they start to produce flowers and seeds faster than any other cannabis plant. They are strong plants and are also well opted to diseases. Before raving more about the qualities of auto-flowering plants, let’s see how self-cultivation is better than buying at the dispensaries.

Quality-oriented cultivation:

When you are about to cultivate Cannabis at home, you know exactly what you will obtain. It’s a form of self-care; thus, you take the best care of the plant to ultimately produce the best product. The patient just needs to go through the proper care instructions of the plant and follow them properly to get the most natural Cannabis at home. It is specifically important for the people using medical Cannabis since it saves them from going through many unwanted experiments.

No worries about running out:

Sometimes patients feel an urgent need to get Cannabis because of their worsening condition. It becomes a huge problem if they don’t have it at home in such a case. Self-cultivation of Cannabis frees people from this hassle as patients always have Cannabis a step away.

Processing of the Plant:

When you grow Cannabis at home, it makes it possible to conduct different experiments to process the raw product. People try to extract oil, make a powder, and consider beneficial additives on their own that make even the whole experience very therapeutic for the patient.

Hassle of visiting the Dispensary:

When a person is getting Cannabis from the dispensary, it can be very irritating, especially for the patients who have to go out of their homes to get it. To get rid of issues like this, patients must specifically be allowed to grow their own Cannabis so that they can get the Cannabis in the comfort of their own home whenever in need.

Saving Time and Energy:

As discussed earlier, growing your own Cannabis can prevent you from the hassle of going out and visiting dispensaries to find the product you want. In addition to that, it’ll also save the patient’s time and energy. Patients will get more time to relax, have rest, and work rather than wasting energy to get the product.

Additives-free Product:

When you go out to find Cannabis in stores, you never know if you will be able to find the product of your choice or not. For example, you might have to struggle to find a strain that fits you the best, or you might want to avoid the unwanted ingredients as they may aggravate your symptoms. And if not all of these, you might accidentally put your hands on a mislabeled product that will be nothing more than a waste of time and money. Thus, it is the best idea to grow your own Cannabis to prevent yourself from unwanted circumstances.

When you grow your own Cannabis, you can completely control the use of pesticides, the type of fertilizers, and even the soil. It points to the fact that you can choose to use organic methods to ensure the Cannabis you are growing is safer to consume. Growing indoors, you won’t have to depend on pesticides to keep the Cannabis plant free from harm as it is less likely for pests to attack it indoors.

Saving Money:

Last but not least, it is convenient to go and get Cannabis at a dispensary, but the cost is a great barrier. Growing Cannabis at home requires minimum resources; thus, one can always access Cannabis with limited resources like a tent, pots, light, timer, nutrients, fan, and a lot of love to begin with!

Even the cost of fan, light, and tents get eliminated when a patient is growing Cannabis outdoors. Therefore, we can say it’s all about getting a better quality all organic Cannabis at a lower cost in the comfort of the home.

Why Auto-flower strain?

The main difference between other cannabis plants and auto-flowering plants resides in the name. These strains flower automatically. Usually, the cannabis plants go through two main phases of the life cycle:

  • Vegetative phase
  • Flowering phase

Most cannabis plants depend upon the light for the growth of the flowers as they require shifting to the flowering phase to trigger flowering. Auto-flower plants do not have these certain limits. They don’t require light to trigger flowering. They do not require certain standards to start flowering. They start flowering after a small amount of time has passed.

Growth Time:

They usually have a very small flowering cycle and are known as the queen of speed. This characteristic is another outcome of their adaptation. The flower is within 80-90 days without certain requirements, while the other cannabis plants take 5-6 months and proper care. They usually finish their complete cycle in the duration of other cannabis plants for the flowering phase only. They do not require a specific season to shift to the flowering phase. The flowers throughout the year. This small span is because of a fast vegetative phase followed by a brief flowering phase.

Auto-flowering plants are the way to go if you need a quick outcome of the cultivation. It also appeals to the farmers who grow under pressure to support faster outcomes.


This characteristic has not developed accidentally. This species of the cannabis plant was evolved to stand in harsh and cold environments. They are adapted to such an atmosphere. They do not require a change in the season to flower. They abandon the requirement of the season to trigger flowering and flower when the vegetative phase is complete. They flower with their age, not with the harsh environment they grow up in. You get more harvests per annum in a short scale of time with less hustle and easier growing.


The size of an auto-flower is about 50-100cm. The small height eventually helps the patients grow the plants into indoor balconies or hidden locations. This method keeps the crops out of the sight of the thieves.

Suppose you want to keep the growth of your plant out of sight. In that case, auto-flowers are best suited because they can be grown anywhere indoors or at wild locations as the height of the plant won’t be a problem, and the operation will be dismantled in little time due to its impressively rapid growth. They are even grown in the cases of tower computer casings, buckets, and on shelves by the farmers. Low-stress training is given to the plant to keep its size under control.

The smallest auto-flowers are Royal Dwarfs. Their range starts at the height of 40 cm. This is the size when the plant reaches its maturity, which is helpful for small-scale production.

Light Requirements:

Auto-flowers are extremely flexible with lighting patterns. Growers can choose the duration of lighting that suits them, which only affects the cultivation yield. Some growers use 18 hours on and 6 hours off lighting patterns for entire durations, which produce outcomes while saving energy.

People who are free on energy for any reason can provide the plant with 24 hour supply of light throughout the plant’s life cycle. Some reports clarified that this method results in extremely high vegetative growth and enhances the yield. But it will deprive the plants of their natural resting period. There are also 12 hours off and 12 hours on the spectrum pattern. This package is energy-efficient, but it is low in yield. So, to manage the yield, the exposure to light is increased as suited well to the farmer.

Light Leaks:

Another concern about photoperiodic seeds is light leaks during the dark cycle. This can result in lower yields or longer growing times. This is true not only for light leaks in-door but also for outdoor grows where city lights at night confound Cannabis these days. You won’t have to worry about such problems if you use auto-flowering genetics. Auto flowers can withstand light leaks in every environment, including the grow room and the city.

Light pollution:

Light pollution is the ability of the light to screw the flowering phase of a plant completely due to the deprivation or excess of light provided to the plants. You can be a lot more relaxed when it comes to light pollution when growing auto-flowers because they aren’t dependent on light. They grow either in the absence or availability of unnecessary light and are adapted to flower in almost every growing condition.

Fewer nutrient needs:

As auto-flowers are adapted to a harsh environment with fewer facilities, they can survive the less handiness of nutrients. Their small structure and flashy growth do not require strict limits of fertilizers. As compared to other cannabis plants, they require complex nutritional factors. Auto flowers work with the bare minimum.

Higher CBD Percentage:

While some cannabis users solely care about THC, many others prefer CBD concentrations equivalent to or higher than THC. It contains 20-30% of THC present as its component. The non-psychotropic cannabinoid has a pleasant recreational impact that includes a feeling of clarity and transparency.

Higher CBD levels are also beneficial to many medical users. The cannabinoid has properties that aid in alleviating the symptoms of a variety of ailments. Many well-known hybrids have raised their CBD levels by infusing them with Cannabis ruderalis genetics.


Breeders usually try to get the female plant of the particular species. It is called feminization. Both auto-flowers and light-dependent Cannabis can be feminized. The female plants’ production odds are still 99% if the right procedure is followed, which is quite impressive.


If you want to grow your own autoflower cannabis plant, you are at the right place, as this article will load you with every necessary detail. Moreover, now you can come across many information and guidelines that will make your experience smooth and convenient. So what are you waiting for? Consult a doctor and grab your autoflower cannabis plant seeds right now.

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