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Getting a Marijuana Card is 3 Simple Steps: BOOK – PAY – VISIT

Getting a Marijuana Card is Simple.


Just book a telemed appointment


Pay the visit fee of $199


Video call with MCD Physicians

Book your appointment, pay your visit fee, and simply show up for the visit with your marijuana doctor!

You have questions, understandably so. What if I don’t get my card? What if the Physician thinks cannabis isn’t for me? Will I get my money back if can’t be certified? How long will this process take? What about medical records? Good thing MCD has your back from start to finish.

Mission-driven advocates at Medical Cannabis Doctors have one goal in mind when it comes to serving you, make you a medical cannabis cardholder. Medical Cannabis Doctors in Villa Park is the right place for you or any other potential Illinois medical cannabis patient. Policies geared toward the patients’ needs and providing access to medical cannabis. First, if a patient is unable to obtain an Illinois medical cannabis card through our clinic, the visit fee is refunded immediately. Now that’s a satisfaction guarantee policy. Our Physicians are compassionate and cannabis friendly.

They want to understand why you have come to Medical Cannabis Doctors and they turn no patients away. Some patients may feel that a lack of medical records will for sure be a denial, not true. MCD Physicians evaluate, diagnose, and certify. If they need more info or records, leave it up to the doctors to get them for you. Now, Telemedicine makes seeing a doctor as easy as sitting on your couch. Seriously, you can see the doctor from your couch! Just book a telemed appointment with Medical Cannabis Doctors, pay the visit fee of $199, and show up for the video call with your doctor. That’s it! After the appointment, advocates at Medical Cannabis Doctors will guide you through the application with the Illinois Department of Public Health Division of Medical Cannabis.

The application can take up to 15 minutes to complete at our clinic OR about 30 minutes at home doing it on your own. Once you pay your yearly state fee to be a cannabis card holder, you’re ready to shop, grow, and use medical cannabis. So you see, it’s pretty simple and we make it stress-free for you. So what are you waiting for? Book your appointment HERE, get certified, and start medicating with medical cannabis.

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