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8 Ways to Consume Cannabis and Get High Without Smoking

Your friends pass you a joint. COVID-19 and the flu are spreading, so you may be unsure about smoking because it could spread germs. We feel you: these are uncertain times. What other ways are there to consume cannabis? In this article, our Medical Cannabis Doctors physicians will share eight ways to consume cannabis healthfully without smoking. 

Use a Vape Pen for Marijuana 

Perhaps the closest cousin to smoking a spliff is the vape pen. Vape pens look just like the name implies: a small pen that can be pulled out from a coat pocket, a purse, or even a wallet, which can be used to consume cannabis. The pen allows the user to be discreet while smoking since it uses vapor instead of smoke. They are battery-powered and hold oil concentrate that can be thrown out or refilled. Hence, you never have to worry about rolling joints or wasting extra marijuana flowers from excess burning and smoking marijuana flowers.

Research says vape pens may also be safer for your lungs than smoking. The high lasts about 30-60 minutes, so veteran smokers: vape pens may not give you the long-lasting high you might be accustomed to when smoking. But if you are looking for a way to consume cannabis in a way that is easy to transport, does not leave a lingering smell, and is more natural, vape pens may be for you. You’ll want to keep reading to see how marijuana flowers can do the same. 

 2. Using marijuana flowers in dry herb vaporizers 

Marijuana flowers can be consumed in conjunction with a dry herb vaporizer! They are a bit clunky, unlike vape pens. Vaporizers may be better options for consuming cannabis than smoking because dry herb vaporizers are more tolerable on the airways, research has found. Dry herb vaporizers are battery-powered, but the difference between them and vape pens is that vaporizers hold actual marijuana plants versus oil. 

If you are the type of person who needs to know their cannabis product is the real deal — is pure and in its raw form— dry herb vaporizers might be for you. When you enjoy cannabis with a dry herb vaporizer, it can last about an hour. Did we mention marijuana flowers consumed in dry herb vaporizers tend to be cheaper and be more discreet than smoking? 

3. Marijuana dabs instead of smoking 

For a more intense cannabis experience, try dabs. This beautiful-looking cannabis product comes in a liquid form that can be placed in a pocket pipe or piece. Best of all, dabs do not affect your lungs like smoking marijuana does. Dabs are made of wax concentrate and have become more popular over the last few decades because dabbing produces a more intense high than consuming THC by smoking alone. But like all aspects of life, there can be downsides. Users of marijuana are more likely to be at risk of inhaling harmful toxins if they do not use a device — like an e-rig or other measuring device — according to a Portland State University study. So it is important to have a solid rig before dabbing. 

Our methods of use section have a wealth of information about how to consume cannabis safely. Dabbing can produce harmful toxins because dabs burn at a higher temperature than when burning marijuana flowers or smoking them. If you’re wondering why you can learn more about how our bodies react to cannabis consumption here. If you’re still scratching your head, though, and looking for other ways to consume, you’ll find our next section about oral cannabis consumption enlightening. 

4. Cannabis edibles to satisfy hunger and high 

Some medicines must be consumed with food to prevent that awful nausea. Consuming edibles are a wonderful salve to enjoy the medicinal benefits of marijuana while also checking off your doctor’s boxes of eating prior to taking a medication. Cannabis can now be found in pretty much any type of food you can imagine. Pizza? There’s a cannabis edible for that. Butter spread for your favorite toast? There’s THC butter for that. Candy for the movies? There are edible gummy bears for that. Edibles are a great way to get high without the harmful effects that smoking marijuana can have on your respiratory system. 

A word of caution about edibles: the high from an edible can take a while to kick in, so try to be patient. Depending on the condition, It is not uncommon for cannabis to kick in after 30 or even 60 minutes. So as much as you might be itching to eat more because you’re excited for that delicious high, we recommend eating another food in its place. At the same time, you wait for your edible to rev its marijuana engine up to release the THC in your system. Start with 5-10 milligrams of THC, and then once you feel the effects, feel free to consume additional edibles as needed. 

5. Down a yummy THC beverage if thirsty 

Maybe you’ve had a huge meal but just need something to wet your palette. There’s a THC drink for that. Cannabis-based drinks come in all different flavors and sizes. Some are branded as smoothies, others as lattes, some as hot cocoas, and others as sodas. The best part? They tend to kick in quicker because they come in liquid form. Like water is more easily digestible than a steak dinner (though both are delicious), liquid THC beverages tend to sink in and get us high faster because our bodies process liquids faster than solids. 

Don’t have access to a liquid beverage? Try out our Medical Cannabis Doctors seminars that teach you how to prepare a THC beverage or food of your choice. Or just drop a bit of THC tincture into your favorite drink, mix, and consume. Find your happy place with a smooth (or smoothie) THC beverage of your choice. 

6. Place tasty THC cannabis tinctures under your tongue 

THC tinctures are marijuana’s liquid form. It is a marijuana extract that is distilled into its basic chemical compounds. Tinctures are unique in that they are placed under your tongue. Here is the process for how to get high with a tincture. Step 1: drop a few drops of oil tincture under your tongue. Step 2: wait about 30-60 seconds before you swallow. Step 3: Wait 15-30 minutes for the high. Step 4: Enjoy the high!  

THC tinctures work because your mucus membranes absorb the tincture faster than if you were to smoke marijuana. The high lasts longer than smoking, as your digestive system takes time to process the high. You can make THC tinctures using your favorite oil: coconut, avocado, olive, or more. They come in all forms of indicas or sativas to help with and support chronic conditions or ailments

7. Try a cannabis-based topical cream or skin patch. 

One of marijuana’s newest friends on the market is cannabis-based topical creams and patches. These methods are often very helpful for people who have chronic health issues. Topicals and creams are helpful because they can be applied on your skin and do not require oral intake. They can be helpful for those who are not able to feel nauseous from smoking or consuming cannabis in foods or drinks. 

Oral intake of marijuana or cannabis flower goes straight to the blood, making it quicker to feel the high from cannabis. So be aware that it takes time for topical creams and skin patches to take effect. With skin creams, it takes longer because transdermal intake tends to be less direct.  

So while it may take some time, it is more discrete. You can be anywhere, and no one would know you’re enjoying your favorite cannabis-based product. 

Cannabis suppositories or chewing gum 

Suppository-based cannabis consumption can be an alternative, more unconventional method for cannabis consumption. Using cannabis suppositories has been helpful for those with different medical needs, like those with multiple sclerosis. THC-based chewing gum can be helpful to help those with ADHD. People with ADHD tend to benefit from a great deal of sensory input, so it makes sense that chewing cannabis-based gum can help engage many senses needed to stay engaged and focused. 

Whether using a suppository or chewing gum, be aware of what works best for you. Be patient with yourself; it might take different ways to know what you like most. You can always check the conditions section of our website should you decide you want to learn more. 

Final thoughts about cannabis consumption 

Whether it’s ALS, ADHD, or a different medical condition, there are plenty of ways to enjoy your favorite cannabis without the harmful effects and toxins of smoking. Still, have questions about smoking? Medical Cannabis Doctors offer classes to educate people on the benefits of cannabis consumption sans smoking. We are happy to answer any of your questions about cannabis at any point. Take advantage of and schedule a complementary telemedicine appointment from the comfort of your home. You’ll soon discover why our patients rate us 4.9 out of 5 stars on Google and keep coming back to us for all their cannabis needs. 

Medical Cannabis Doctors is a one-stop resource for buying medicinal marijuana and learning about healthy cannabis consumption. Where our team of physicians and patient advocates are on-call, ready to meet your needs. Phone support is available 24/7, so contact us at (630) 551-8210 or at to receive your medical marijuana card and learn how cannabis can help you today.

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